Popular Sayings of Paraná Coast

“Caboclos and Caiçaras – Popular Sayings of Paraná Coast” – Graphism. Paraná Public Library.

Curators: Sônia Gutierrez e Maria da Graça Simões.

“Sônia Gutierrez is a contemporary artist who makes visual poetry. An innate esearcher, illustrator, objetualist and an installation performer – this artist endowed with an unique social consciousness, […] uses iconographic elements and symbols that create dialogue to a poetics of freedom whom she is a spokesperson in Paraná […] Her works turn into not only on alive manifestos about her life philosophy, but also they register the experimental personality that is own. Her trajectory, among the most reputable in Paranaense Contemporary Art, develops from figuration to abstraction, to research of materials and processes of creation“.

Adalice Araújo (in memorian)
Art Critic affiliates at Associação Brasileira de Críticos de Arte- ABCA
and Associação Internacional de Críticos de Arte- AICA