CORRESPONDENCES – Installation with five thousand envelopes held at MON – Museu Oscar Niemeyer in Curitiba-2008. excerpts from the catalog:

“There is a known language of stamps, which is for the
flower language like the Morse alphabet is for writing.

But how long will flowering between telegraph poles still live?
There are the great post-war artistic stamps, with their full colors,
Have the autumnal dahlias and dahlias of this flora? […] ”

Walter Benjamin

“Correspondences” is dialogue – word & image that, in letters / envelopes, approached by contradiction, cultural and / or aesthetic attraction, weaves the imagery text, creating other discourses and other possibilities for reading. The envelope, a cocoon of words, is a mysterious, fragile and beautiful support that calls for touch. “Correspondences” is a concentration of meanings, time / space travel; it is the remaking of the paths that lead to one or more recipients. For Benjamin, CARIMBO is the “hidden part” of the stamps, its night side, which can be “solemn” or “prophetic” […]


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