Paiting – Inedited

A series that I called LEAVES OF THE SACRED – every leaf is sacred – is in an incipient process of realization, in the country of fire caused and disrespect for forests, waters and animals.

I have leaves with me from all the places I went through, and, just at this hour of mourning for the forests, one, two works appears, slowly and happily. They never come from nothing, always from what is latent, waiting to sprout, to green. September 2020

Seeking a tone of nature and Brazil, I find this text by Tom Jobim, or Antônio Carlos Jobim. Enjoy an excerpt from it:

Brazil is pure forest.
Even the name Brazil comes from the forest.

It was once thought of giving Brazil the name Ipê. Another beautiful and threatened tree! The ipe-purple, the pink and the yellow! Yellow God! Pau-d’arco, hardwood.

On the day of the tree we went to plant one in Parque Lage. In the meantime, thousands of trees were being burned in Brazil. Not only on the day of the tree, but every day.

But what does man want?

Burn the forest, kill the Indians and the animals, cage the birds and enslave the woman.

Always talking about progress and creating the desert. Inventing misery in the land of opulence.

Brazil. Brazil, where’s the Brazil stick?

Wood zone! Where’s the bush?

Itabira do Mato Dentro, where is the bush?

Boca do Mato? Where is the bush?

Down there, seen from the plane, the unusual gullies, the bowels of the land exposed, the cremated, eroded land washed away by the waters, the mountains falling, the rocks downhill, the fire uphill going to fetch the last tree, in the vane.

The black ashes floating in the air, in the black maria, the pop of the taquaruçus, the tongue of fire crossing the river and the fire jumping to the other bank.

Polluted air, polluted water, (the other side).

Destruction of paradise. End of plant and animal life.