Painting & Printing
Acrylic on canvas

Five of thirty-three works in April 2021.

LEAVES OF THE SACRED – every leaf is sacred – that’s how I called this series in process since December 2020, the date on which I had already put in graphic the book “Entrelinhas – Formas & Cores”, in which I show my trajectory in the visual arts until 2020. The first work of this new series “Leaves” is already in that book next to the preface.

At the time of the country where the fire caused and the deforestation ends with entire forests, indigenous populations, waters and animals, the series appeared.

A friend, Tereza, who already left, sinsitiva, very dear, told me a long time ago, twenty years, maybe more, that there was something with leaves in relation to me. Perhaps that “something” that appeared on screens thrown in a corner is the thread that always connected me to the trees, rivers and forests of Oxóssi, because I have leaves with me from all the places I went through, and, just in this hour of mourning for the forests , these works appear, slowly and happily. Umbanda, its rite of drawings and points, the most delicate and beautiful, woven with leaves and flowers, is full of senses that I cannot grasp. I have watched them with admiration for eight years and have them in my memory; surely they are also a source of these works, since they come from what is latent, waiting to sprout and flourish.

I intend, as we live the end of the world, to present them at the launch of the book Entrelinhas.